Introducing RocketView
Unlock a whole new view of your business.
Built with the very latest AI technology, RocketView analyzes conversations of your Goodzer Call Leads to boost your revenue, cut wasteful spending, and jumpstart the growth of your whole business.

Call Analysis

Analysis of your Goodzer call conversations will unlock a whole new view of your business, including:

  • Over 100+ data points analyzed without any effort needed from your business
  • Intuitive dashboard with high-level summaries and easy-to-follow visuals
  • Visualization of your conversion funnel and return estimation
  • Investigative analysis of reasons for unbooked appointments
  • Insight into performance by household income and home value
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the sales approaches your team uses
  • Performance by customer representative
  • Breakdown of performance by service category
  • Breakdown of performance by city / zip code / state
  • All data fully downloadable into Excel
  • Ability to compare data and track improvements or challenges

Call Monitoring

Get promptly notified via email if you are receiving calls for a service you don’t offer or a geographical area you don’t serve, but that is targeted by your campaigns.

Oftentimes, the issue is that your customer representative may not have the most up-to-date information and may be turning away potential customers unnecessarily. Other times, it could be that someone on your team accidentally listed an incorrect service or area for your campaigns. Either way, the sooner you can correct the situation, the more time and money you will save your business.

Personalized Guidance

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will be available to answer questions and help identify opportunities for growth and convert more of your prospects into paying customers.

  • Initial meeting to provide recommendations and guidance in using the data
  • Expert help available when you need it
  • Ongoing efforts to help find areas for growth
  • Follow-up on any changes and how they have impacted your business

Competition Analysis

To grow your business, it is important to know who you are up against. Goodzer RocketView’s team will provide insight into which of your competitors are marketing aggressively and targeting markets similarly to you. (In cases of very narrow targeting of your Goodzer call leads, there may not always be enough data to generate this analysis). We will also be able to provide guidance on which services or areas you will find less competition in and be more worthwhile to target.

Call Analysis Sneak Peek

RocketView Screenshots

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