About us

Company Overview

Goodzer serves businesses from small to large that want to enhance their local presence. Using its unprecedented technology and automated marketing platform, Goodzer amasses and distributes millions of Enhanced Business Profiles, containing rich, detailed information about each merchant’s services and products, thus allowing consumers to make informed, thoughtful purchase decisions. With this same technology, automation, and data, the company also provides conversion-optimized performance campaigns that produce real and impressive results and at low costs.

Goodzer began in April 2010 by co-founders Dmitry Pakhomkin and Artem Zarutskiy, who developed proprietary AI technology that subsequently produced the largest local product database in the US which was presented to consumers through award-winning mobile apps. As the technology was further refined and developed, it was expanded to include data for local services — now scaled up to 2.5 million locations of enhanced product and services data. The team has commercialized and unleashed that data to serve as the industry’s #1 automated local marketing platform for enhanced Presence and Performance advertising solutions for merchants, publishers, regional and national businesses and resellers.

Executive Team

Mike Wilson, CEO

Mike joined Goodzer in 2013 and has extensive experience in digital leadership as well as a track record of successfully driving early to mature stage growth, including as the former VP of Global Business Development at PriceGrabber.com and the VP & GM of Digital Media at Yellowbook.com. When Mike takes a break from the many hours spent growing and grooming Goodzer, he can be found travelling, surfing and trying to keep up with his two teenage daughters.

Dmitry Pakhomkin, Co-Founder and President

Dmitry has over 15 years of software engineering experience and led IT at Intrinsic Inc., which was later acquired by Cree Inc. for $50M. He also has extensive experience leading the design and development of information systems for a number of high-tech startups.

Artem Zarutskiy, Co-Founder and CTO

Artem is a computer scientist who specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Machine Learning. He has spent several years leading software development projects in start-up companies. In his free time, Artem enjoys exploring different cities and the outdoors.