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Goodzer Expands Merchant Marketing Platform to Include Local Services

Reston, VA (PRWEB) July 15, 2014

Goodzer’s enhanced merchant data more than quadruples in size by leveraging its award-winning automated technology to include local services.

Goodzer, the leader in automating enhanced hyperlocal data-driven online and mobile marketing solutions, today announced it has expanded its massive local product database to include enhanced local services content. While Goodzer is well-known for being the leading source of local product inventory data, adding local services accelerates the company’s rapid growth into merchant-facing performance marketing and presence solutions.

Goodzer’s deeply enhanced local data goes beyond name, address, and phone number. Profiles for local businesses that offer services such as plumbers, auto repair, home contractors, dentists, and lawyers include not only basic listing information but also full service lists, detailed merchant-provided descriptions, and pricing when available. Because Goodzer’s automated technology aggregates data directly from the individual business, often via the merchant’s website, it can amass and keep up-to-date vast amounts of information automatically and with unmatched efficiency. While publishers, app developers, and local ad networks leverage Goodzer’s data to increase their relevancy and performance, Goodzer itself uses its enhanced data to power highly efficient advertising solutions for local businesses.

“This is an exciting time for Goodzer,” CEO Mike Wilson states. “Adding local services to our leading product database expands our reach from 500,000 locations to over 2.5 million locations – and growing.” Wilson notes that Goodzer was methodical in applying its technology to acquire information for the most popular, most searched categories first. “Home contractors, spas/ salons, auto repair shops, and plumbers are among the most frequently requested categories from local consumers today.” Wilson also stated that launching local services marks Goodzer’s expansion. “Goodzer’s goal is to not only use its automated technology to amass all local business data but also use that data to create innovative, simple, high-conversion and time-saving mobile presence and performance solutions for both large and small merchants. Our service data has allowed us to beta test those solutions, and we are excited to launch nationally in the coming months.”

“Goodzer’s AI-based data aggregation technology is really the backbone of all of its products and services,” says Dmitry Pakhomkin, Goodzer co-founder. “We knew that with our crawling and parsing technology, we had a competitive advantage to be agile, scale quickly, and move into new service categories - and new global geographies as well. Our expansion into services was simply a logical extension of our technology and substantially increases the value we bring to partners, merchants and users.”

Goodzer’s new local services data is also available to publishers and app developers in a data feed format. To learn more about the data and how to access and take advantage of it, go to

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