About us

Goodzer is a local shopping service that gives you the best way to find all sorts of products in all kinds of stores nearby. You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of products you can find right around the corner!

By wide variety, we mean way beyond the gadgets you can get at any superstore. All sorts of items — big, small, or obscure — from cocktail dresses to baby carriers to bike brakes. Things you need now. And not just from national chains, but from unique boutiques and small stores that can be easily missed.

Goodzer was designed to be your local shopping companion . . . wherever you are!

Goodzer co-founders Dmitry Pakhomkin and Artem Zarutsky met in 2010 over the Internet while working across the globe from one another — one in Washington, DC and the other in Moscow. They started Goodzer for one simple reason: they thought there should be a way for everyone to find for exactly what they want — without running from store-to-store, searching among websites, or waiting for shipping. Realizing that Internet offered no solution, they decided to build it themselves.

To prove their idea, they developed a prototype that would display a few million items from more than 15,000 stores in New York City. The response was great – and soon visitors were asking for the same service in Chicago, LA, and even London. This feedback inspired Goodzer for the U.S. national rollout.

And thus, Goodzer now enables everyone to find products locally . . . anywhere in the U.S.

In case you’re wondering why there wasn’t there a ‘search engine’ for local goods . . . a service that checks prices and availability in real time of any merchant that lists items on a website . . . Turns out, it’s a very hard thing to automate. But that’s what we’ve done.