About us

Goodzer uses its unprecedented technology and automated platforms to collect and share massive amounts of local merchant product and services data that connect local consumers to local businesses through data-driven advertising solutions — efficiently, effectively, and easily.

We were founded in April 2010 by co-founders Dmitry Pakhomkin and Artem Zarutskiy, and began with proprietary AI technology that produced the largest local product database in the US, which was subsequently presented to consumers through ad-free mobile apps. As we perfected our technology and grew to include data for local Services as well, we began to innovate new and exciting products that utilized this unprecedented data and our automated platforms.

For publishers, mobile apps, maps, and other companies in need of local data, Goodzer offers enhanced local content on millions of local businesses. Enhanced local data goes beyond just name, address and phone number — it includes services lists, descriptions, and in some cases, pricing. This detailed information allows consumers to make informed choices, increasing the likelihood of conversions for merchants.

Now in beta, Goodzer has launched a performance advertising product that uses our proprietary technology to create the most effective campaigns with conversion rates well above the industry norm. The product is currently open to third-party partners including publishers, national agencies, and lead aggregators who wish to reach local consumers.